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The examples included in this section provide a visual and auditory experience of MathSpeak™. Many of the example sections contain an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly change settings, browse many different examples, and specify MathSpeak™ settings.

Note: In order to view these examples, you need the gh Braille Fonts package or a font that supports the Unicode Braille characters (you will need to select the Unicode option for the Braille setting). Please use this link to obtain and install this package: How to install the gh Braille Fonts.

If you have difficulty seeing or hearing any of the examples, please refer to the Technical Support and Accessibility page for help. Note also that material will be added to this page as work progresses on the MathSpeak™ standards and implementation; so new examples will be added all the time.

Use the links below to view the MathSpeak examples.

  1. Nemeth Code Rules Online

  2. MathSpeak™ Grammar Rules Site

  3. Quick MathSpeak™ Tutorial

  4. MathSpeak™ Settings Tutorial

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