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1972 Revision
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Capitalization Indicators
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(For combinations of capitalization, alphabetic, and type-form indicators, see Appendix, page 208)

§20. Use of the Capitalization Indicator:

a. The capitalization indicator must be used to indicate the capitalization of a letter from any of the alphabets listed in Rule IV, except the Hebrew alphabet whose letters do not possess a capitalized form. This indicator must precede the letter concerned.

b. For capitalized Roman numerals, see §18a.

c. For the capitalization of abbreviations, see §50.

§21. Non-Use of the Capitalization Indicator: Capitalization must not be used with a letter just because it begins a sentence, if the corresponding letter in ink print is uncapitalized.

§22. Effectiveness of the Capitalization Indicator:

a. The effectiveness of the single capitalization indicator extends only to the letter which follows it, so that if each letter in a sequence requires capitalization, the capitalization indicator must be used with each of these letters individually.

b. The effectiveness of the double capitalization indicator in Roman numerals and in abbreviations extends to all of the letters which immediately follow it. However, a symbol other than a letter terminates its effect.