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Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science
1972 Revision
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The following remains to be done before the examples on this page become a normative part of MathSpeak:

  • The only settings that are significantly correct (more than 95% of the examples are considered correct) are:
    Semantics={Off or Medium} and Explicitness=Off.
  • These examples can be harder to transcribe to Braille since the fractions are written "spatially" in Nemeth code. To resolve this we may either introduce a "Nemeth Code compatibility" mode or modify the Semantic Interpretation Off setting to make it easier for transcribing to Nemeth Code. Since this may be detrimental to those who do not use Nemeth Code, these changes will not affect the default MathSpeak, which has the Semantic Interpretation set to medium.
  • The following examples may change in the future:

Cancellation Indicators
  • Opening
    StartCancellation / CrossOut
    Listen to MathSpeak
  • Closing
    EndCancellation / EndCrossOut
    Listen to MathSpeak

§60. Cancellation Indicators: The cancellation indicators must be used to show the extent of a mathematical expression which has been cancelled in ink print. A spatial arrangement must be used when cancellation is represented in braille. Whenever a fraction or any of its parts is canceled, a spatial arrangement must be used for that fraction. Items which are individually canceled in ink print must be represented as individually canceled in the transcription.